Common Brake Faults

At Newcastle Mobile Brake Specialists we offer a Free Brake Inspection and Diagnostic service.


When brakes are applied usually indicates the disc pads need replacing so to avoid more costly repairs or for peace of mind take Adam up on his Free Brake Inspection to assess your brake condition.


Aggressively when braking will require immediate attention to prevent further damage as the braking material has likely worn exposing metal to metal friction.

Braking surge, shudder, pedal pulsation or steering wheel wobble

Often related to the disc rotors being slightly buckled caused from brake over heating. This can be rectified with an on-car disc machine to bring the discs back to a factory finish once again.

Brake pedal fade

Can be potentially dangerous and caused from a number of factors so a brake assessment is strongly recommended.

Low brake pedal

Can be rectified with a standard brake service and adjustment but can also be related to other areas.

Hard brake pedal

Lack of braking ability is likely to be associated with the power assistance which can reduce the braking efficiency substantially.

Soft Brake Pedal

Can be due to fluid contamination which may require a complete hydraulic brake fluid system flush. This is normally carried out at 40,000 km or at 2 year intervals for prevention.

Steering pulling either side when braking

Will most likely require a brake caliper overhaul but as with many of the other faults there can be other factors causing the same issue.

Total or partial loss of brake pedal

Will likely be fluid leakage in the hydraulic system and require immediate attention.

Handbrake not holding

May require a full rear brake service and adjustment or a new cable or assembly to rectify.

Arrange a Free Brake Inspection and Diagnosis

So with all of the above common brake faults or any other associated conditions please don’t hesitate to call Adam to discuss your concern or to arrange a Free Brake Inspection and Diagnosis on Phone 0402 12 4321.

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