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All Car Brake Repairs and Service

  •  Disc Pad Replacement 
  •  Brake Shoe Replacement
  •  On-Car Brake Disc Rotor Machining
  •  Brake Disc Rotor Replacement
  •  Master Cylinder Overhaul
  •  Brake Caliper Overhaul
  •  Brake Booster Repair
  •  Brake Hose Repair
  •  Caravan and Trailer Brake Repair
  •  Mobile Registration Inspections
  •  Log Book Servicing
  •  General Mechanical Repairs

You can be assured of exceptional customer service and quality workmanship

  • Only top Quality parts used
  • All makes and models
  • Free brake inspection and diagnosis
  • Over 35 years industry experience
  • Fully insured


Newcastle Mobile Brake Specialists will carry out appropriate Covid-19 hygiene practices and continue to operate and serve the public of Newcastle during this crisis so please don't hesitate to call Adam for all your repair enquires. 



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Give Adam a call on Phone 0402 12 4321

Prompt on-site same day friendly service

Newcastle Mobile Brake Specialists recognize the importance of a personalized friendly service at your home. There is no inconvenience or need to organize transportation to and from the repairer as we come to you.

We are open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

As the business name suggests we specialize in brake repair and brake repair only so you can expect the very best in service and price.

We specialize in all facets of brake repair but most commonly disc pad replacement. Being that disc brakes are standard equipment for most makes and models this is what we mainly repair.

Disc brake servicing

Disc brake servicing incorporates the lubrication and inspection of all associated components such as the brake calipers, disc rotors, wheel bearings, brake hoses and brake fluid condition.

Once this service is performed you can be confident of factory performance disc brakes once again.

Most disc pads have a low wear indicator emitting a scraping noise alerting the driver of the condition.

So if your disc pads are making a noise or you suspect your pads may need replacing give Adam a call to discuss your concern on Phone 0402 12 4321.

The brake disc rotors often need machining or replacing also.

This is usually the result of the disc pads wearing out or the rotors being overheated and warped causing brake pedal pulsation and shudder.

Our on-car disc rotor machining process eliminates the chance of disc rotor run out and makes the rotors true and as new once again.

Although brake shoes are less common there are still a number of vehicles which run a brake shoe, wheel cylinder, rear brake assembly, which we maintain on a regular basis consisting of an inspection, clean and adjustment to a full rear brake overhaul when required

The brake fluid on most vehicles requires flushing at a 2 year, 40,000 km interval so this is something we do frequently.

Occasionally we find the brake master cylinders are faulty, brake calipers require overhauling and the flexible brake hoses need replacing.

There is of course many other brake repairs we carry out such as;

  • Brake drum machining
  • Brake booster replacement
  • Brake line replacement.
  • Hand brake repair or service
  • Or just a general brake service, clean and adjustment

So for more detail on this and other information please browse the site or phone Adam on Phone 0402 12 4321.