The Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 had over heated the front brakes, had a pulsation and squeeling. A quality set of clean and quiet Bendix Disc Pads and Disc Machining did the trick.

Front Disc Machine and Disc Pads BA XR6 Falcon Charlestown.

Front Disc Rotor Machine FG Falcon.

Newcastle Mobile Brake Repairs did some On Car Disc Machining today on a 200 Series Toyota Landcruser which is common place on most 4wd's as they don't have floating disc rotors and are therefore labour intensive to swap out when warped or worn out. I can do this service for a fraction of the cost. I replaced the front disc pads with Bendix 4wd's which will give it that factory feel again also.

Carried out an On Car Disc Machine to the front brakes of a 200 Series Toyota Landcruser at Swansea Caravan Park while these people were enjoying there holiday. It had the usual brake pulsation or shudder at about 80m to 100km p/hour. The Rear brakes needed doing also which required new RDA Disc Rotors, Bendix 4wd Disc Pads and a hand brake service aswell.   

Brake Repair Belmont NSW. 

2014 Mitsubishi Evo Big Brembo Calipers and Rotors. Bendix Ultimate.

Brake Repair Newcastle NSW, Charlestown NSW, Lambton NSW, Wallsend NSW, Warners Bay NSW, Cardiff NSW.

On-Car Disc Rotor Machining.

Full brake inspection to a Suburu Outback at Waratah NSW.

Required disc machining and disc pads on front and rear of car.

Also required a hand brake adjustment. This brought the brakes up like new again. 

Customer very happy with our mobile service.

Brake Repair Bar Beach Toyota Corolla Front Disc Pad Repair and Disc Rotor Machine which save the customer over $100.

Caravan Brake Service Warners Bay. To save you the inconvenience of hooking up your van and taking it to a repairer I come to you. This dual axle caravan required a typical caravan brake service to provide maximum brake efficiency once again. 

Front Disc Rotors and Disc Pads metal on metal, worn out, buggered.

Brake Disc Pads and Brake Rotors New RDA Replacement Ford Focus Kotara. 

Mobile Brake Repair. Onsite Brake Repairs. We come to you!

The mobile workshop visited Wallsend to carry out a front brake repair on an Audi A5 AWD which consisted of renewing the front disc rotors, disc pads and sensor. The disc rotors were badly grooved and unable to be machined so a better quality rotor was selected that will enable me to machine them when the brake pads wear out next time to save money.

Today I carried out some brake repairs Newcastle to the rear of a VW Golf at Adamstown NSW.

The rear brake pads Newcastle and disc rotors were worn out and metal on metal so had to be replaced and full assembly serviced.

Disc Brake Repair to a VE Commodore. Pads and machining Jesmond.

Toyota Hiace full Brake Overhaul

Front Disc Pads and Rotors replaced

Rear Brake Shoes and Drums replaced

Brake Master Cylinder replaced

Brake Repairs Newcastle NSW. Toyota Rav4 Brake Repair.

Brake Repairs Adamstown. 

Disc Brake Machining. Brake Pads Newcastle. Mobile Brake Repairs Newcastle. 

Rear disc pads and on car disc rotor machine Toyota Rav4.

Holden Commodore complete Brake Overhaul

Front Disc Pads Repair and Disc Machining

Rear Disc Brake Pads and Rotors Replaced and Hand Brake Serviced

Brake Master Cylinder Replaced also as brake pedal was intermitantly going to the floor

Disc Pad Repair and Front Disc Rotor Machining Mitsubishi Triton Edgeworth